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Harvard GSD
Design of the Graduate School of Design's Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Public Programs material. The ambitious constellation of informational material orbited around each season's printed poster. An interview about the process can be found here.

Bernd Kuchenbeiser Projekte
Image forward website for the Münich based designer. It was prepared to consider archive and current material in narrative tandem, with the ability to present chronologically or manually. The CMS was designed so that this content population, arrangement, and indexing could be done quickly and intuitively. Development: Simon Zirkunow. kuchenbeiser.de

15 Orient
A transatlantic typographic identity for the New York gallery. Bespoke wordmark made from English (Monotype) revivals of Bembo (Italian) types.
Museums Moving Forward
Design consultation for the institutional equality initiative. The website works to standards set by the W3C that consider reading aid devices, the colorblindness spectrum, and a highly legible typographic system that is not entirely un-stylized, and does not portend conceptual neutrality. Choices for the typography system nod to historically marginalized presences in that discipline: Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir, Carol Twombly after William Caslon, and Tré Seals after W.E.B. Du Bois. For it's first annual Data Study, MMF collected quantitative data about workplace equity and organizational culture in US art museums in late 2022. The study uses secure multi-party computation to protect user privacy while providing aggregate analyses. The goal of the study is to create a field-wide view of trends and patterns in art museum workplaces and to provide benchmarks for participating museums. museumsmovingforward.com, 2022. A feature in the Los Angeles Times about this work. More press: Artforum, ARTnews, The Art Newspaper.

Metabolic Studio
metabolicstudio.org, 2017. An ultra-flexible container for the past and present activities of artist Lauren Bon, devised over two years in cooperation with then curator-in-residence Charlotte Cotton and the Annenberg Foundation. The website serves two functions: first, to transparently map the complex constellation of its environmental research and activism. Second, to allow the studio to archive in its native editorial language. The capability to simply and clearly organize any of this material into web and PDF portfolios was devised, with a curious, proactive user in mind.

Qatar Museums
Consultation and remote production support for two years of the Tasweer photography festival. With the COVID-19 pandemic sidelining most on-site staff, implentation and additional generation of visual material (created first by 2×4) ensured that contextual information such as press releases, physical wayfinding, and up-to-the-minute safety/access information was available to visitors. Completed with artistic director Charlotte Cotton, exhibitions director Sinem Yoruk, and fellow consultant Sara Alafifi.

Vitra (printed matter)
A wealth of printed (and speculative) material for the European design giant, most of which was articulating how the history of the office has forged and affirmed its contemporary practice. Created and edited with the industrial designer and researcher Jonathan Olivares.

Neutra VDL
How do you facilitate access to a canonized archive, without simply pantomining its formal methodology? Generosity towards which content is culled, and, a content management system that is intuitive for a rotating, diverse cast of supporters to use. Co-edited continually during the tenure of director Sarah Lorenzen (2008-2020), with special thanks to David Hartwell for allowing access to his documentary photography of the house.

Felix Zeitler Architektur
Website for the Zürich-based architect sifts through his studio materials to affirm the idea that observation is a sum process. Development by Joey Nelson. felixzeitler.eu

Aperture — “Photography is Magic” by Charlotte Cotton
“Photography is Magic” (2015) surveys more than eighty artists whose practices shape the possibilities of our contemporary photographic landscape. isbn 9781597113311.

PPP Editions
Bag design for Andrew Roth's independent publication imprint.
USC Roski School of Fine Arts
MFA Lecture Series poster designs, 2013—2014.

Venice Family Clinic
Design direction and consultation for two years of its annual Art Walk & Auctions fundraiser.

Vitra Workspace
The Vitra Workspace houses a comprehensive overview of Vitra's furniture for offices and public spaces, and is a dynamic planning and learning tool for these environments. The space occupies the second floor of a factory building designed by Frank Gehry in 1989, which is located between the Vitra Design Museum, a factory, the VitraHaus and the Citizen Office. In location and in concept the Workspace is a nexus that connects intellectual ideas about design with practical office solutions, and the informality of the home and public sphere with the demands of the office. Several installations, including a revolving billboard of life-size photos of Vitra-furnished offices, a factory view with a scrolling LED text that explains the processes on view, two seating bars, a reference library and a materials library, provoke curiosity and a deeper understanding of issues of the contemporary office and of Vitra's unique culture. The space was designed in collaboration with the London based architect Pernilla Ohstedt and the industrial designer Jonathan Olivares.

The Office of Jonathan Olivares
Design and development of a website archive that considered the industrial designer's athletic, constantly iterative practice. jonathanolivares.com

Pictura Dordretcht
Announcement poster, 2016.

onestar Press — Carter Mull et al., Typist
“Consistently skating the line between I and we, Carter Mull’s Typist opens up a space for the artist to act as a producer of his own context. Playing with and blending the formats of artist book and artist monograph, Mull invited individuals and businesses that not only populate his personal and professional networks, but his quotidian routines, to author texts and advertisements through the lens of his own visual poetics. By engaging authors that range from critics and curators to the pizza place by his studio, Mull emphasizes the multiple cultures and economies that inform his work.”—Alex P. Klein. The book is available to purchase and view in its entierity here.

Galleria Gentili
Super pronto identity and website refresh for the Firenze gallery.

Identity for the Buenos Aires modeling agency.

Steven Baldi, Thomas Duncan Gallery
Catalogue design, Documentation 09/14 09/25 10/2 10/9 10/16, Thomas Duncan Gallery, 2012. Published by Gottlund Verlag. Purchase

TOLO architecture

Motto books


Bag design for Brad Haylock's independent publication imprint.

Trevor Paglen studio
Typographic consultation and design for the artists ongoing "Codenames of the Surveillance State" series.

John Roberts (Dial Records)
Websites for the musician, 2010—2013.

Free Association
Identity and book design for the New York publisher's catalogue.
Werner Herzog “As Far As I Could Get”, 2007 (original text 1972) isbn 978-0979612107.
Clement Rosset “Joyful Cruelty: Joyful Cruelty: Toward a Philosophy of the Real”, 2010 (original text 1993) isbn 978-0979612114.
Erica Baum “The Naked Eye”, Kenneth Goldsmith “Excerpts from No.”, 2009.

Rachel Comey
Websites and invitations for the designer, 2005—2010.

Publication design, 2005, as The Blow Up Media. Photography by Ray Lee.

The Blow Up Magazine
Design, 2005—2007.

First graphic identity for Jane Hait and Janine Foeller's gallery. The letterpress invites followed a numerated program.

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